Analysis of potential

scanup. can do more...

…than conventional analyses of potential because these analyses often consider only particular isolated aspects of someone’s personality. scanup. is not limited to a one-dimensional depiction of strengths and weaknesses but takes a multidimensional approach to considering the highly complex human being as a whole. We are capable of determining and differentiating more than 120 personality traits. What makes this method so special is that we can analyze not only the conscious but also the unconscious motives of a person with just one scan. We do not only show “how“ someone behaves but also “why“ they behave in a certain way and take into account the personality in all its multiple dimensions which means that scanup. provides so much more than just a summation of the current situation because it offers a prognosis of future development opportunities, unknown strengths and untapped potential.

The scanup. bonus:

  • scanup. takes into account 120 personality traits
  • scanup. also measures unconscious motives
  • scanup. demonstrates “why” in addition to “how”
  • scanup. shows not only the present but also a potential future